Law Enforcement Applications    back to top
Imagine the benefits to law enforcement of real time video and audio documentation of any of the following incidents as they happen:

  • Traffic Stops
  • Street Apprehensions
  • Domestic Violence Interventions
  • DUI Stops
  • Searches and Seizures
  • Drug Interdiction
  • Crime Scene Investigations

Benefits include:

  • Increased Officer Safety
  • "He said, she said" Disputes Reduced
  • Increased Officer Credibility
  • Increased Conviction Rates
  • Monitoring of Racial Profiling
  • Decreased Prosecution, Police and Court

Consider how the mobility of the CamLiteTM System will supplement your existing stationary camera systems, whether in a patrol car, at a border crossing or other security location.  It will enhance your facial recognition or other biometric identification systems by taking the system to the individual.

Commercial and Industrial Applications    back to top
The CamLiteTM System's mobility, ease of use and ruggedness make it uniquely qualified for on-site as-needed inspections, including:

  • Buildings
  • Construction Sites
  • Utility Systems
  • Trains and Planes
  • Bridges and Infrastructure
  • Manufacturing Processes

Incident documentation is simplified with the CamLiteTM

  • Shoplifting Incidents
  • Claims Adjustment
  • Personnel Investigations
  • Patron Removal Incidents
  • Locker Searches
  • Student Investigations

Video and audio documentation of incidents or of inspections reduces costs and risks.  It speeds repairs, identifies inappropriate behavior for correction, simplifies resolution of lawsuits and claims, and reduces frivolous lawsuits.

The CamLiteTM System expands the reach of existing stationary video systems by adding audio, mobility and versatility.  Integrate it into your existing infrastructure.

The CamLiteTM System is a terrific addition to site access control systems, both because of its mobility, and its utility for biometric identification systems.

Government Applications    back to top
What can a mobile wireless audio video documentation system do for inspections and investigations?

  • It goes now, wherever you need to go.
  • It documents whatever is seen and heard, available for review immediately or much later.
  • Credibility of later reports is enhanced, and disputes over results diminished - that reduces costs and increases efficiency.

Inspections may include the following:

  • Buildings
  • Utility
  • Aviation
  • Arson and Fire
  • Environmental
  • Security
  • Health
  • Mines
  • Railroads
  • Bridges and dams
  • Planning & Zoning
  • Safety

Many government agencies have law enforcement, site security, and inspection needs, including:

  • Port of Entry
  • Border Patrol
  • Coast Guard
  • FAA
  • INS
  • Customs
  • CIA
  • Homeland Security
  • FBI
  • US Marshall
  • TSA
  • Military